WTC Presents: Dave Dorman & Ken Steacy on Star Wars

Two brilliant Star Wars artists. Dave Dorman on the left and Ken Steacy on the right for you to listen to.

It’s time for another Calgary Expo panel! Brett moderated the Star Wars: An Artists Perspective panel which featured legendary Star Wars cover artist Dave Dorman and Canadian treasure Ken Steacy.
Ken and Dave run through what is expected of them as artists in the Star Wars universe, and share their feelings on George Lucas and reflect on the Star Wars movies. Ken gets to tell his story about drawing a Womp rat and afterwards they answer some audience questions. An engaging panel by two legendary industry veterans.

“I used to bull’s-eye womp rats in my T-16 back home”

Special thanks to the Calgary Expo for hosting such a fantastic panel, and thanks to Dave and Ken for letting us record it for posterity.


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