WTC Show 131: The Sound of Ed Brisson Typing

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mantle 2

Keith and Chris are joined by friend of the show Ed Brisson to talk about what he’s been up to since the heady days of Calgary Expo 2014 when he was part of our Live Panel.

Ed joins us from his palatial offices in Vancouver and you can hear him putting his ideas on the computer down to the last second before starting the show.

STK666590It has been a busy year and it’s just getting started for Ed. His first Captain Canuck story appeared in the Free Comic Day issue drawn by Canadian comics legend George Freeman.

Ed is 4 issues into Cluster from BOOM! Studios and he talks about how the first few issues have been coming together.

Keith checks in with Ed on his feelings and thoughts now that Sheltered has wrapped up as planned at #15.

And we get a sneak peek at Ed’s new book from Image “The Mantle.” What happens when a super-hero has inherited powers and we, the readers, actually see that power get passed along? And what Canadian cities cameo in the first issue of the book?mantle

There is an interesting discussion of the myth of creators and companies copying each other including an accusation that has annoyed Ed more than once. All this plus we hit on some news of the day. 


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