WTC Show 31 – Court of Jowls

We Talk Comics is here again with a review of the beginning of the 1st crossover in the new DC 52 universe Batman’s Night Of Owls. Plus talk on The Shadow from Dynamite and Marvel’s new trade paperback Six Guns, and much much more such as…

The weekly news with Cub Reporter K and the WTC hosts form a panel type discussion analyzing the thoughts and opinions of the previous show’s interview with the writer of the Longbox Graveyard blog Paul O’Conner including…


Would digital price point drops grow the market, what is the right price for comic books in different forms? How do small press publishers make their mark in the digital marketplace? Should comics advertise in other mediums, why did readers from 20 years ago leave and will or can they come back, and does it matter if the medium of comics grows or not? And that’s only a portion of what they hit!

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