WTC Show 33 – An Hour With Peter David

One of the coolest things ever is on this week as we give you almost a full hour of great audio with famous writer of stuff Peter David.


First after introductions is The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K, now proudly sponsored by COMICOSITY


A loose format this week as no official WeViews but Brett, Chris, Keith and Mo took the time to discuss quickly what they read with 3 huge books from IDW this week, John Byrne’s Trio, Steve Niles & Bernie Wrightson’s Frankenstein Alive, Alive! & Night of A Thousand Wolves plus Vertigo’s Mystery In Space and Marvel Zombies-Destroy


But the special treat this week is the time spent with Peter David. We all know he’s a terrific writer but far more important than that (or than being a terrific artist, athlete, singer or whatever) is to be a terrific person, and Peter David was most certainly that to us. He let Mo interview him for a few minutes and also allowed us to record the question and answer panel he did at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo where you not only hear stories about his work in comics but in video games and movies as well. His interactions he tells us about with Will Smith is truly classic. This is great for fans of not just comics but story telling in general, and we want to thank Peter David so much for his gracious ways. So stream or listen, as Earthworm Jim would say, it’s groovy O-U-T




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