WTC Show 54 – No Topic, No Problem

Pow! We Talk Comics has another great show this week with an extra long Weekly News with Cub Reporter K (sponsored by COMICOSITY ) catching up everyone on all the biggest news of late as well as all the analysis you can imagine from hosts Keith, Chris and Mo.

Also as a mighty fine pile of the We Talk Comics reviews section WeViews is on board featuring looks at Marvel books A-Babies v X-Babies, Greg Rucka’s final Punisher Story with the War Zone mini series # 1, and Wolverine Max # 1, also DC gives us National Comics Madame X # 1 & the return of some of the hosts favorite characters Black Lightning and Blue Devil in DC Comics Presents # 13 as well as the surprising and super cool wrestling related indie project from Arcana Press called Swerve

So give it a listen, check The Comic Podcast Network for more fun stuff, and please take a moment to let others know if you enjoy with our handy social media share buttons


One thought on “WTC Show 54 – No Topic, No Problem

  1. I made an error in a news story this week. I blame Kevin Smith.

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