WTC Show 69 – We Talk Comics Gets Dirty

It’s the 69th episode of We Talk Comics, and because we’re so mature our hosts Brett (our valuable show editor), Chris (of Comic Book Attractions Fame) and Cherry Poptart # 1Keith, AKA Cub Reporter K (anchor of The Weekly News as sponsored by COMICOSITY) go a little more adult in discussing some mature content, and beyond mature in this episode. As a result, the content of this show is MORE EXPLICIT than the average We Talk Comics. Also, WeViews of new books Age of Ultron #1, Helheim #1, Lost Vegas #1 and Sex #1 from Image. So give a listen, and please spread the word and check out our friends at The Comics Podcast Network, and send any feedback to



Omaha The Cat Dancer Collected Volume # 1













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  1. this is tooooooooooooooootally aaaaaaawwwwwwwwwsome

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