WTC Show 70 – Comicosity Crossover Event

It’s the COMICOSITY Cross-Over Event as Brett and Keith are joined by Jessica Boyd (Host of The Hangout, @charmingred on Twitter) to talk favourite #1 comics. What makes a good debut issue and what are the most memorable they have read? What is the biggest challenge with the Marvel NOW and DC #1s? Y The Last ManChris is on assignment and we answer the question “where is Mo anyway?” in this mini-event tie-in to Jessica and Keith’s new column on Comicosity “He Said/She Said” and Jessica’s video podcast MomsReadComics: The Hangout. The News with CubReporterK is sponsored by Comicosity and this week we get into Marvel’s well-meaning but Comixology-crashing giveaway, DC’s June solicits, February sales numbers, and the non-New52 appearance of a certain Boosterific hero close to Keith’s heart. In this week’s WeViews Brett, Keith and Jessica put the debut issue framework to the test as they look at Nate Cosby’s Buddy Cops one-shot (Dark Horse), Sledge-Hammer 44 #1 (Dark Horse) and Wolverine #1 (Marvel NOW). Listen in, and please spread the word and check out our friends at The Comics Podcast Network, and send any feedback to




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  1. […] It was an extra challenging guessing game this year as Stephanie is brand new to our crowd and Jessica hasn’t been on the show in nearly two years. […]

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