WTC Show 74 – WTC Goes Maverick

Wolverine The Best There Is At What He Does Wolverine Takes On Green Arrow


Well, this episode begins on a mighty fine note as Brett, Chris, Keith dig into The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K sponsored by Comicosity (COMICOSITY) and begin to talk this week’s main subject, the maverick’s of comics when screech!!!! Mo shows up fashionably late and the show goes off the rails. First he forces them to go back for more news, reads a twitter thread he was involved with that’s not quite pg, takes over the mavericks topic from Chris and ends the show telling a crazy dream he had. His exscuse is he got a concussion Sunday, and is still suffering some effects (he actually did). Crazy but funny train wreck radio here. Also some of the guys infamous review section WeViews featuring Colonize, Ultron 1 AU, GI Joe Cobra 1, Kiss Solo 1, and Theremin. Brett ends it off with an interview with Shane Turgeon from the Edmonton Expo, and they talk about the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo coming up shortly. Some great stuff here folks.






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