WTC Show 79 – The Speculators

300px-Giant-Size_X-Men_Vol_1_1It’s Episode Number 79 for We Talk comics this time spotlighting a new semi regular feature called The Speculators where the guys try and figure out how history would have changed if one simple event was different. From figuring out what would have happened to Marvel if they had cancelled X-Men instead of publishing Giant Sized X-Men #1 to trying to determine if Hal Jordan would be less popular if DC hadn’t killed him and several topics in between this is as much fun as any topic ever on the show. Plus you get The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K from show sponsor COMICOSITY and WeViews of The Wake, X-Men Volume 4, King Conan and Clive Barker’s New Testament because as always “We’re Saving You From Bad Comics”




2 thoughts on “WTC Show 79 – The Speculators

  1. Nice show, guys! I love your “What If?” topic as it applies to the comics business.

    Here’s something to speculate about — in his book, “The Untold Story of Marvel Comics,” author Sean Howe wrote that in the early 1980s (pre-Crisis) that DC Comics approached Marvel about publishing several of their titles under license. In effect, DC would have retained marketing rights to their library, but Marvel would have become the sole publisher of the world’s major superhero brands.

    Howe indicates that Marvel might have done it if they hadn’t been scared off by a pending anti-trust suit regarding Marvel’s monopolization of comic book printing resources.

    Imagine what might have happened if DC pulled the plug on publishing back then … would we have had Swamp Thing, Watchmen, Teen Titans, or Dark Knight? Would the Marvel and DC universes merged?

    • That is the most intriguing what if of all, and information I wasn’t aware of. We return for that one – Mo

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