WTC Show 82 – Welcome to the Corps, Robert Venditti

Robert Venditti Screen shot

Robert Venditti, The Newest Green Lantern

It’s time for the latest We Talk Comics this time featuring an extended interview with Robert Venditti! (Available both in the episode or for those who would prefer as a stand alone at the bottom of the page)

For over an hour Brett & Mo go over his career from his start reading comics, getting his foot in the door working at a Warehouse for Top Shelf Productions, seeing his 1st book Surrogates being turned into a major motion picture staring Bruce Willis, being approached by Valiant to write these characters he’d never heard of, how that led to his work for DC writing Demon Knights and why he wanted to take on those particular characters to the daunting task of taking over for Geoff Johns writing Hal Jordan in the main Green Lantern title. This is an unfiltered, funny and fascinating look at of one of comic books most interesting upcoming minds.

Plus our sponsor COMICOSITY helps us through another session of The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K, plus we WeView 100 Bullets Brother Lono #1, Transformers Monstrosity #1, Wild Blue Yonder #1, and X-Files Season 10 #1.

Also we end with a SPOILER FILLED DISCUSSION on MAN OF STEEL between Chris and Keith in the latest Comic Book Attractions.

So download and share the most fun filled 160 minutes of your week, then please share the podcast through social media to help get the word out so others can join in on the fun.

And we at We Talk Podcasts would like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Fantagraphics Books publisher Kim Thompson. The comic book world will miss him.

Robert Venditti Interview.mp3 (Right Click To Download)


RIP Kim Thompson

RIP Kim Thompson


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