WTC Show 84 – Character Assassination

Moon Knight & Paladin

Wasted Potential? Or Potentially waste them?

There’s 4 things you have to know about this latest edition of We Talk Comics.

1 – That it has a hilarious edition of The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K (sponsored proudly by  COMICOSITY).

2 – The big topic of the week for Keith, Brett, Chris and Mo is called Character Assassination as the guys go through characters they once loved and now hate, who was never a good character, current characters they want gone and who’s never met their potential.

3 – It’s the biggest edition of their WeViews ever as they look books from these publishers: Darkhorse – Catalyst Comix #1. DC – Trinity Of Sin: Pandora #1. Dynamite – Owl #1. Image – Satellite Sam #1. Marvel – Avengers A.I. #1, Deadpool Kills Deadpool #1, Dexter #1, Superior Foes Of Spider-Man #1.

4 – That it’s an absolutely awesome amount of fun!




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