WTC Show 87 – Welcome To My Nightmare

The Imagination of Jack Kirby(Warning Explicit Language) Welcome to the most cursed episode of We Talk Comics… Ever! With one last chance this summer for the guys to all get together in the same town instead of a Skype recording Chris and Mo this time grab Brett and for a change head up to do some comic talk Beer on the Patio style at Keith’s house, and boy do they wish they had just stuck to Brett’s patio!

We’ll be honest here folks, from the food ordered being wrong to outside factorsLoudest Lawnmower Ever!!! and the noise of Keith’s neighbors (including the guy next door who decides to mow his lawn for seemingly the 1st time ever) it’s an odd, somewhat difficult to listen to, but undeniably hilarious episode. In between the distractions the guys talk Kickstarter and Sullivan’s Sluggers, how good was Jack Kirby really, Will Eisner, what they’re currently reading and a lot more. So give it a listen and check out our friends at COMICOSITY too




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