WTC Special – The Robert Venditti Chronicles Part 2

One of these is Robert Venditti... One isn't

One of these is Robert Venditti… One isn’t

In his triumphant return after a nearly year long wait to the We Talk Podcasts airwaves comic book writer Robert Venditti has become a superstar on the rise. This time around he once again joins Brett and Mo for 2 HOURS of great talk on his career journey since his last visit.

Hear about the success he’s achieved on his Green Lantern run and learning to work and co-ordinate with other creators in the GL Universe. He discusses the offer he received to write The Flash and the changes he sees… And doesn’t see… on the new version of Wally West he and Van Jensen have created. You get the full update on his work within the DC Universe.

Rob also let’s us know about his continued inspiration writing X-O Manowar for Valiant Entertainment and his big project there Armour Hunters while filling us in on his creative process.

Plus we spend a little time getting to know more about Rob as a person. Growing up, hobbies, favorite films in different genres and lots of other things.

This is likely the only place you’ll find out if Robert Venditti knows what the Canadian delicacy Poutine is?

And it’s also a great chance to find out about his upcoming children’s novel Miles Taylor and the Golden Cape: Attack of the Alien Horde, out from Simon & Schuster May 2015.

Thanks again to Robert Venditti for being so generous with his time and being so fun to talk to, and to our friends at COMICOSITY for all they do as well…

And yes Mo does ask if anything is going to happen with Goldface!


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