WTC Special – F&%# Rules – The Frank J. Barbiere Interview

Frank J. Barbiere White Suits Banner

Check out White Suits written by Frank J. Barbiere

(Explicit Content) We Talk Comics had a chance to sit down with Frank J. Barbiere, writer of Five Ghosts (Image), Solar (Dynamite), White Suits and Blackout (Dark Horse), and the upcoming Black Market from BOOM! Besides going in depth on all of those series, we talked about the New Avengers Annual #1 that Frank has coming out from Marvel Comics, as well as his Superboy Future’s End issue from DC.

Cover for Solar written by Frank J. Barbiere

Find out what Frank J. Barbiere has in store for the legendary Solar, Man of the Atom

We also talked a bit about his writing style, as well as what goes in to being a full-time comic book writer. He shares some amusing stories about what some people have thought about his work, as well as what he thinks about that kind of thing.

Frank was extremely generous with his time, so take the chance and visit his website and check him out on twitter, where he is more than happy to chat with the fans a bit. Thanks also to our friends at COMICOSITY for their support and sponsorship…

Five Ghosts from Image written by Frank J. Barbiere

Listen to the interview for more infor fromFrank J. Barbiere on his Image series Five Ghosts


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