WTC Special: Inside The Think Tank With Matt Hawkins

Top Cow President Matt Hawkins creator of Think Tank & Widfire

Top Cow President Matt Hawkins, creator of Think Tank & Widfire

(Explicit Content) We Talk Comics and our sponsor COMICOSITY returns with not so much another podcast interview but with a gale force of audio in the form of Top Cow President & COO Matt Hawkins! This interview goes nearly 2 hours and it covered maybe 1% of what Brett and Mo wanted to get into but among the many things discussed are… Comics: The truth behind sales figures revealed. The next generation of comic book writers. Pitching your idea to a publisher. Monthly sales versus Trade Paperback sales. Conventions. Politics: The L.A. Police force. Religion in politics. Matt Hawkins on the U.S. gun culture and the politeness of Canadians. Science: New technologies. Applying real science to writing. Staying current. America’s place in the scientific world. Plus Matt Hawkins on writing for the Power Rangers TV show, Penthouse Models, growing and maturing, other religious views and an awful awful lot more. And a world wide exclusive reveal ahead of what was to be announced by Matt Hawkins and Think Tank artist Rahsan Ekedal at the San Diego Comic Convention about their new book… The Tithe! Listen for all the details on this scoop.

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