WTFF 2012 Week 12 – Thinning the Herd

Well in Fantasy Football just like life not everyone can be a winner, and this is likely true of both some of your teams and players.

On this episode host Mo and Championship Winning Analyst Brett divvy up some of their teams in a generally disappointing year to see who can post the best record for the remaining season in a little in show rivalry. And in doing that they’ll tell you which players they’ve held on to for some reason or another that they  feel they no longer need as each guy gives breaks down how they will turn each of their 3 teams into a winner for the rest of the year.

Lots of fun and good hard honest analysis on this show as always so give it a listen and then please share with the social media buttons

WTFF 2012 Week 12 – Thinning the Herd.mp3 (Right Click To Download)

[download label=”WTFF Thinning the Herd”] 2012 Week 12 – Thinning the Herd.mp3[/download]


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