WTM Interview – Junkyard’s Patrick Muzingo, Tried and True

Junkyard drummer Patrick Muzingo through the year

Junkyard drummer Patrick Muzingo through the years.

By 1990 Junkyard seemed poised to make a major impact in the music industry, but a series of miscalculations, unfortunate timing and naitivity underscored the impact this talented group made. But Rock N’ Roll can never be killed, and the cult following the band developed follows them to this day.

Join their long time drummer Pat Muzingo giving Brett and Mo the definitive interview on the band clocking in at over 2 hours. Hilarious, insightful, candid and sure to be controversial this is a talk that covers incredible behind the scenes stories and events from the band’s history.

Also some insight on what the guy’s are up to now and what’s coming up next for the group. Plus some skateboard talk, opinions on other bands and a few Howard Stern Baba Booey’s thrown in this is a great time. And we promise, just promise, Pat will be back for more laughs in the future, watch for it, because when you hear this one we know you’re going to want to listen to the next one too. So give it a listen and let us know what you think, and follow Junkyard on Facebook and Twitter.

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(Warning – Strong Language)


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