WTMusic Interview: Derek Davis – Oakland’s Finest

Derek Davis. Great singer and great interview.

When Babylon AD first appeared on your television set in the late 80’s they did it with one of the best debut albums in the genre. Now as they set to launch their newest album, Revelation Highway, towards the end of 2017, lead singer Derek Davis joins We Talk Music to share some of the highlights of his journey from there to here.

Derek Davis and Babylon AD have a new album Revelation Highway in 2017 for you to check out!

Derek has great, absolutely hilarious stories and he holds nothing back in telling us about the behind the scenes of shooting with RoboCop on The Kid Goes Wild video, the late great comedian Sam Kinison’s role in the song and their friendship, the wild party scene on the Sunset Strip, some of the crazy music video concepts they turned down, why he chose to re-record Desperate on his solo album Re-volt, being signed by the legendary Clive Davis, dealing with Arista Records as a label and the label’s seemingly inconceivable obsession with the track Psychedelic Sex Reaction from the group’s 2nd album Nothing Sacred, and the amazing career choice Derek almost went into when he thought his musical career might be over.

Unfiltered, uncensored and uninhibited, this is great stuff. We’re so sure you’re going to like it that we’ll offer 10 ¢ to everyone who tells us they don’t like it. That’s right, 10 ¢, so check it out!


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