WTMusic Interview: Kristy Majors – Krash Kourse

The one and only Kristy Majors.

Brett and Mo gave a call to a surprised Kristy Majors to see if they could get a little chat for We Talk Music but they couldn’t… They got a long chat instead, and it was awesome!

Among the topics the man behind the Artists Worldwide Booking Agency and Pretty Boy Floyd guitarist discussed are:

Pretty Boy Floyd’s latest CD Public Enemies and the definitive versions of songs available before plus the new cuts on the album

Why he loves a front man with a unique voice, including examples, and his own attempts as singing.

What it’s like in the entertainment industry in Los Angeles during the #MeToo movement.

A great story from years ago of his encounter with a cast member of the hit TV show ER.

His love for KISS and thoughts on the controversial Music From “The Elder”.

How a band is driven by the singer and lead guitarist.

The very crazy first night that Kristy Majors spent in L.A. after moving there from New York.

The legendary Sunset Strip in the 80’s and how that wild scene can never be again or captured properly.

His philosophy behind the Artists Worldwide Booking Agency and why he does everything for Rock n’ Roll he can.

His recording of 2 Jani Lane penned songs on his solo 2007 Sex, Drugs ‘n Rock and Roll album.

Kristy Majors and Steve Summers.

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