WTMusic Interview: Marc Ferrari – Built To Last

Marc Ferrari is a rock star.

Adaptable, hard working, talented, intelligent… These are just some of the adjectives we can use to describe Marc Ferrari.

Marc took time to join We Talk Music to talk about his amazing journey from being the guitarist for Keel, to forming MasterSource, to his recently released children’s book Don’t Dilly Dally, Silly Sally.

How cool would it be to have a Marc Ferrari guitar pick from Keel?

Marc talks the grind of touring on a bus, thoughts of what kind of success everyone had for Wayne’s World while on the set, the psychology of a guitar solo, Gene Simmons, what went wrong with Cold Sweat, the cover to the album Break Out, the insane music video to The Right to Rock, how Medicine Wheel got it’s name, the 70’s Canadian hard rock scene, his first book Rock Star 101 and a possible update to it and an awful lot more.

Order a copy from the Marc Ferrari website to get an autographed book of Don’t Dilly Dally, Silly Sally.

Great stuff from a great guy, check it out!


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