WTMusic Interview: The Return of Shy Danny Vaughn

Danny Vaughn on Stage is a joy to behold.

We Talk Music is back for a second interview with the always engaging Danny Vaughn of Tyketto and Waysted fame.

A real different talk this time around as Danny gets philosophical about writing music, songs, guitars and the world itself. That doesn’t mean though it isn’t loaded with great stories and observations. Learn what famous guitarist wasn’t brought in to Waysted because he may have been too good. Find out what Danny Vaughn thinks about Robert Plant. Hear about the dynamic a guitarist needs to fit into a band. Get enlightened as to why Danny is skeptical about the quality of live recordings and a lot more including a ton of the usual funny Danny Vaughn lines, this is a fantastic chat.

Get yourself a copy of Tyketto Live in Milan on Blu-Ray, DVD or CD.

So thanks once again to Danny Vaughn and check out the new live Blu-Ray of Tyketto Live In Milan that Danny tells us about on the show. It’s great stuff, and then listen to his first episode on We Talk Music, also great stuff.


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