We Talk Comics Episode 113: “You May Know WeTalk… But You Don’t Know Dick.”


Dick Grayson?

Keith and Chris are joined by We Talk Comics’ cousin Oliver Matt Santori-Griffith (@fotocub), senior editor for Comicosity.com.

News leads directly into comic talk as our hosts take questions from Twitter about topics ranging from new DC house ads to what kind of soup they are (yes, really).

New creative teams from some high visibility titles from DC bring good discussion. What do Wonder Woman super-fans Matt and Chris think of the Finches taking over? Is the Teen Titans relaunch a missed opportunity?

Did you know there is a classic team celebrating their 30th anniversary this year *without* Marvel making a big deal of it? Matt has an old-guy moment when he finds out who.

TV and movie properties can bleed into the comics in an attempt to capitalize on possible new-reader interest. What are the best and worst cross-pollination initiatives?

This week’s WeViews are Skottie Young’s Rocket Raccoon from Marvel and the new riff on the 1980’s Robocop from BOOM! The guys also brave the horrors of Black Kiss XXXmas and Matt tells us if there is enough penis in it.

A bit of news at the very end of the show as Keith breaks down the numbers for the Comixology Submit bundle. It got buyers 100 comics for $10, but what did it get the creators?

Kick back for good old-fashioned comic talk and a lot of laughs.

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