We Talk Comics Show 107 – History of the DC Universe 3.1

Keith and Chris are joined by We Talk Comics’ most frequent and beloved guest host Matt Santori-Griffith for a look back at what Geoff Johns has been calling the DC Universe’s First Act of the New 52.


How has the new DC Universe been doing?

As Forever Evil draws to a close, the New 52 is closing out the threads introduced since the relaunch and is starting into the new story lines that will fill the next year. Starting from September, 2011, the guys sort through the big picture of the New 52 and theorize what is still to pay off in the future. Most importantly, they skip any talk of behind the scenes rumours at DC and focus on the stories.

Along the way they look at the success of integrating the Vertigo characters back into the DCU and the struggle to do the same with the Wildstorm characters. Why did one work and the other stumble? And what of the big Daemonites event that died on the vine?

Matt lays out an argument for exactly what books one should read if you want a good base in the world-building of the New 52 (the list may be shorter than you think) while Keith explores what he calls “the Superman problem.”

Matt and Keith are big fans of DC so this could have been a whole series of shows. Sit back, relax, and explore a bit more of the New 52 Act 1.


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