We Talk Comics Show 110 – We Talk Two-In-One


It’s We Talk Comics! If only We Talk Two-In-One could be as cool as this would have been, but nothing could be

Keith and Chris handle the We Talk Comics this week and manage to have a great 90+ minutes of comic talk without properly doing news, WeViews or even a topic!

Kicking off with the News as sponsored by COMICOSITY , Keith and Chris get to the important story of the day, the launch of a new title starring a Boosterific lead. After that all bets are off as comic talk takes over.
Join us for a full show of laughter, story-telling, Toho Godzilla continuity, weekly comics, and the comiXology pentathlon.
A check in on up-coming comic based TV shows has us wondering how we’ll find the time for all of the new comic-based TV shows.
And we look at the last arc of Agents of Shield and how the show found its footing at last. But have people already made up their minds? How do TV shows get a jump-on point?
And let’s not forget that it’s the middle of the month, which is Nerdblock time for the guys.
Sit back, relax, and yell at your iPod when Keith forgets Helena Bertineli‘s back story.


Listen to We Talk Comics to learn what goodies Keith and Chris got in the mail from Nerdblock in the We Talk Two-In-One podcast


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