The Longbox Graveyard Podcast: Show 4 – Frank Miller’s Holy Terror

Paul O’Connor AKA The Longbox Graveyard returns for a very special and unique podcast unlike any other he’s ever done

We open the show with a full version of the classic song “Eve of Destruction” by the 1st group to ever record and release it 60’s hit makers The Turtles. LBG then quickly gets you up to date on the latest in his universe and Blog ( before bringing on his very special guest…

From LBG “The subject is a conversation between me and my son Miles O’Connor about Holy Terror, Frank Miller’s original graphic novel about a superhero response to 9/11, as seen through his eyes, those of a fifteen year old who has never known a world without that event”

This is something showing the strength of the unique form of a podcast for Longbox Graveyard with a father who wishes to share his love for comics with his son and an observant young man who has more to teach all of us than you might imagine

Finally the show ends with a full acoustic live version of Eve of Destruction from the man who recorded the best known version of the song in 1965 Barry McGuire in Boston July 2004 backed by legendary Christian artist Don Francisco & his wife Wendy. We’re very proud to host this show and hope you all enjoy and please spread the word by rating on iTunes, hitting the social media buttons and more.

And if you want any more info about any of the topics talked about on the show you can find out more below



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Frank Miller’s Occupy Wall Street rant:

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