We Talk Comics – Death Becomes Us

gwen stacy deadOctober is here and in honor of Halloween We Talk Comics Episode 11 – Death Becomes Us is the long awaited and much talked about show on the afterlife in the comic book medium we’ve been talking about doing since the first episode. Your hosts Brett, Keith, Chris & Mo cover 5 key categories in this episode including: 1: Best story lines with a death in them – your must reads 2: Best editorial decisions to kill a character – who it was good to have had die 3: Worst story lines with a death in them – burn these books 4: Worst editorial decisions to kill a character – they never should have done that… dummies 5: What characters died and should have stayed dead but didn’t – they brought another dead character back to life?! Then we discuss when Comic books deaths stopped meaning as much and if they’ll ever mean anything again plus final thoughts So listen to the show, a morbid discussion that’s funny as heaven and hell when We Talk Comics tackles it, and we don’t talk the new 52 at all!!! O-U-T Mo



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