We Talk Fantasy Football 2015: Week 11


Week 11 features the return of Tony Romo being Tony Romo, so take a seat Peyton Manning.

It’s Week 11 and the grind of playing multiple Fantasy Football leagues can start to catch up to you, so what’s the cure? Listening to WTFF of course!

After a little rant about people who stop playing because they can’t make the playoffs Brett and Mo take a look once again at The Fantasy 15, the fifteen players who they wanted to pay attention to a little extra to see how they would do over the course of the season for one reason or another. So consider this a spotlight on Adrian Peterson, DeMarco Murray, Amari Cooper, Antonio Gates, Andre Johnson, Todd Gurley, Ryan Tannehill and all the rest that make up the Fantasy 15 in this Week 11 show.

Plus, as always, predictions on game outcomes and top performers of Week 11.

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