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the_avengers_movie_poster_concept_art_by_alex4everdn-d4qyip3This will be a spoiler-free reaction. A review of a 10/10 movie seems unnecessary.

In Citizen Kane, there comes a point during Joseph Cotton’s narrative when you lose track of the present tense and past tense of the film. The pacing stays too long in the memory and it makes the overall structure stumble.

This is a small example to show that if you look hard enough, you can in fact nit-pick perfection. And when you do this, look hard inside yourself and find out what made you such an @$$hole.

Go see this movie. Don’t whine about the price of 3D. Don’t complain about how you are going to buy it later anyway. Don’t wait for VOD.

Go. Make the time. Comic movies up til now only existed to make Avengers possible. There is a new gold standard.

A quick FAQ –

  • Yes, there is a post-credits scene. Also a mid-credits scene. Also a really cool end credits sequence. Watch all 3.
  • No, you don’t have to have seen all of the previous Marvel films, though Thor is the most helpful of the lot.
  • Yes, the 3D is worth it. Whedon uses the 3D as a proper tool to make the film more interesting and exciting.

And now for the meat. I loved this movie. This isn’t a love-letter to comic fans, it’s a wine and dine and flowers and phone call the next day to comic fans.  Nothing I’ve seen on screen since The Matrix has made me feel so much like a wide-eyed, jaw-dropped kid as Avengers.

There were so many moments I felt like a little kid trying to explain to a grown-up how amazing a comic book story was. I wanted to yell “oh my god, that’s ___” or “they just did that! that happened!” This movie has everything. It’s nonstop fun and adventure with signature Whedon humour thrown in.

I saw the film with my wife in the Ultra AVX 3D theatre and worth every penny. It’s a big screen experience film. She is not a comic reader but really enjoys the Marvel Cobiefilms. It blew her away too and I caught her at dinner checking the showtimes for tomorrow. We’ve already decided that Avengers and the lead-in films will be our holiday film fest this year.

I went into media lockdown for two weeks to avoid any sort of spoiler. I didn’t watch the final trailer and even unfollowed someone who implied she might say something about the movie. And it was exactly the right thing to do.

Though I usually don’t encourage violence, throat punch anyone who starts the sentence “the only thing I’ll say is…” They are about to ruin something big or small and you deserve better.

Go. Go now. Avengers forever.

PS: enjoy them before they get their butts kicked in AvX by the X-Men. Team Cyclops.


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