WTC Episode 73 – The Jump On Point

BATWING_19_gatefold_02Hey guys it’s Mo here and I want to say I have new appreciation for the absent Brett’s editing skills this week as left to me this show is up a little later than usual. It also features my heavy breathing, co-host Chris’s microphone feedback, and Keith talking much quieter than the rest of us. Sigh… Brett is a miracle worker. Still, this is a really fun show with The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K (sponsored by COMICOSITY/) and WeViews including Thanos Rising #1, Harbinger Wars #1, Batwing #19, Polarity #1, and Knuckleheads #1… Whew We also have another edition of Chris’s Comic Book Attractions this time featuring the fine little animated film Avengers Next: Heroes of Tomorrow. Plus this show’s main topic is me and the guys try to figure out the 5 main things a comic needs to be to be a successful jump on point, so listen up because the fun never stops on We Talk Comics!!!

Force Works # 1 Gatefold





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