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Two wonderful Graphic Novels. Phtobooth: A Biography and Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter

Two wonderful Graphic Novels. Phtobooth: A Biography and Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter.

Keith sits down with Canadian graphic novelist Meags Fitzgerald to talk about the very personal debut project, Photobooth: A Biography. Having produced only a single-page comic story prior to Photobooth, what made Meags take this giant leap into the form?

In the past decade. traditional photo machines have started to rapidly disappear, causing an eclectic group of individuals from around the world to come together and respond. Meags chronicles this movement and the photobooth’s fortuitous history in her graphic novel.

In this interview, Meags also announces her next graphic novel, Long Red Hair, slated for spring 2015.

Find out more about Meags on her website.  And ask your local comic shop or book dealer to get you a copy of this remarkable graphic novel.

From there Mo has a chat with Tiernen Trevallion, artist of Robbie Burns: Witch Hunter from Renegade Arts Entertainment. Based on Robbie Burns legendary poem narrative poem Tam o’ Shanter, the story asks what if the events were actually based on something that happened to Burns himself and is written by Gordon Rennie (2000 AD, Dept. Of Monsterology) & Emma Beeby (Judge Dredd, Doctor Who).

The real life Robbie Burns is widely regarded as the national poet of Scotland and celebrated worldwide. A rising UK artist, Tiernen explains who the real life Robbie Burns was, his legacy, how to approach the supernatural subject matter as an artist, and the mentality of British and European comic readers amongst other things.

This book definitely gets the highest recommendation from We Talk Comics as well, a perfect fit for fans of Hellboy or the Sleepy Hollow TV series, and if you like Tiernen Trevallion’s the book (and you will) then make sure to check out his other Graphic Novel with Gordon Rennie, Absalom: Ghosts of London.

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