WTC Show 40 – We Talk Comics NOW!

Hey Yo and away we go with the latest We Talk Comics!

So there’s this little thing happening at Marvel you may have heard about? Not too big a deal, just their apparent answer to DC’s New 52.

WTC goes in depth on the big news of the week Marvel Now! (covered in our Weekly News With Cub Reporter K sponsored by COMICOSITY

What does it mean, is it the right move, what’s the difference between a reboot and relaunch and much more is dissected

As well our WeViews section covers the latest Before Watchmen: Ozymandias, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, Edison Rex, and Infernal Man-thing. And we talk a little about the Amazing Spider-Man movie and the film franchise as a whole.

And also check out Comic Podcast Network who we are proud to have an affiliation and take a peek at StashMyComics a cool site we’ll have more on later



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