WTC Show 41 – A New Hope

We Talk Comics is back again with Brett, Chris and Mo and more talk on Marvel Now!


Brett is excited about the prospects (he has the new hope), Chris isn’t and Mo falls in between as they continue to discuss the upcoming big event in The Weekly News not with Cub Reporter K (Keith is on assignment in SDCC but the news is still proudly sponsored by COMICOSITY)


Also the guys talk about what characters or creators they’ve given chances to over and over again just to be disappointed and in their WeViews they take a look at another Valiant book in Bloodshot #1, the sort of return of Captain Marvel in Avenging Spider-Man #9 as well as another Marvel book in the 1st issue of the Space Punisher Mini Series, publisher Archaia Black Label’s latest in the Space: 1999 franchise Aftershock & Awe plus another fine book from Image Chew Secret Agent Poyo #1 about one bad ass rooster


So download or stream and hit the social media button to share as well as check out the group Comic Podcast Network for us and more great comics podcasts. Also as mentioned on the show please visit and support the new kickstarter campaign for The Mighty Titan a great looking new book from the uber talented Joe Martino












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