WTC Show 50 – No Brett No Problem

That’s right, this week We Talk Comics doesn’t have regular co-host Brett but it still has Chris, Mo and Keith who has The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K proudly sponsored by COMICOSITYthat includes discussion on the big death of a major Marvel character in the latest issue of AvX, plus the big WeViews section the guys review Team 7 #0 from DC, Dynamite Entertainment’s Jennifer Blood: First Blood #1 and Avenging Spider-Man #12 just to start


Also discussion on the importance of continuity within comic book universes, the 80’s writing style for today’s comic fan, series you liked until suddenly you didn’t, and some “wow that’s awesome” moments you didn’t see coming so give it a listen since even without Brett we have a box full of great on this show and don’t forget to check out The Comic Podcast Network  after you hit the share buttons to help spread the word on the latest show




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