WTC Show 66 – We Don’t Talk Comics

UNCANNYXMEN1TeaserHey kids. It’s the 66th episode of We Talk Comics, except this one is sub-titled we don’t talk comics, but don’t worry, we still do… sort of. We do have The Weekly News with Cub Reporter K COMICOSITY covering the most important news stories of the past week including predictions on what books will get the axe in DC’s latest round of cancellations, plus we have our usual WeViews section on Secret Avengers #1, Katana #1, Uncanny X-Men #1. But what is the story behind this month’s ominous title? It’s red_sonja_unchained_1_cover_by_melrubi-d5ok04fjust that we wanted to talk some other geek stuff with less of a comic theme like movies, TV, cartoons & more so download and listen to a show a little different, but also the same, and after visit our friends at The Comics Podcast Network too.






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