WTMusic Interview: Steve Blaze, The Man, The Legend

Steve Blaze, an awesome guitarist and awesome interview.

We Talk Music has a truly epic interview with the guitarist Steve Blaze of the highly respected hard rocking band Lillian Axe.

Steve’s story is one of success and perseverance, a true tale of survival in an industry that can chew you up and spit you out, but Steve Blaze candidly shares stories of dealing with issues like band mate’s addictions or lack of support from record companies to get to where Lillian Axe is now… Still rocking the joint more than 30 years after debuting.

Plus, if you ever wanted to know what was up with that weird cover to the album Poetic Justice we got it for you!

We got a great story from Steve Blaze about the Poetic Justice album cover.

It’s an awesome interview so thanks once again to Steve Blaze of Lillian Axe for being so honest and forthcoming, so give it a try and we hope you enjoy.




3 thoughts on “WTMusic Interview: Steve Blaze, The Man, The Legend

  1. Steve Blaze … the man, the legend!

  2. Great interview , always been a huge fan !

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