The Longbox Graveyard Podcast: Show 7: The Few 52

LBG with Chris UlmIt’s that time once again for Comic’s smartest podcast as Longbox Graveyard takes to the air once again this time with his good friend Former Editor In Chief of Malibu Comics Chris Ulm (We Talk Comics Extensive Interview with Chris and Malibu Publisher Dave Olbrich can be found at (

On this show the 2 of them take a look at some of the DC New 52 Trade Paperbacks they’ve bought and traded back and forth. Some of the books discussed are Batman, Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E., Animal Man, Swamp Thing, All Star Western, Aquaman, Batwoman and more on this great listen!

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2 thoughts on “The Longbox Graveyard Podcast: Show 7: The Few 52

  1. Horace Austin says:

    How many beers did O’Connor and Ulm have during the podcast? Enjoyed the talk about the New 52.

    • I had so much fun editing this show but got jealous I didn’t have any beers to join them (and wasn’t there in person). Great stuff as always from LBG

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